Sediment Uses as Resources In Circular And Territorial EconomieS.


Expected results : To allow the development of ambitious sediment re-use projects in Europe for the fight against erosion and floods


Main actions : Implementation and testing of innovative solutions to increase the use of fine sediments for erosion control and rating protection markets:

  • Repositioning of sediments in the ecosystem to reset the conditions of natural flows. (Port of Rotterdam)
  • Bio-engineering with sediments (Scottish Canals)
  • Using pozzolanic properties of sediments (Scottish Canals)
  • Sediment-Based Concrete Applications (Scottish Canals)

Establishment of methods and models for evaluating and optimizing the costs and benefits of sediment recovery at the scale of a territory. Targeted test areas: Hauts de France / Southern Ireland.


Ixsane's main contributions :   

  • Development and testing of a mobile pilot sediment dewatering unit to facilitate the operational use of sediments
  • Territory-wide economic / environmental assessment of the direct and indirect costs and benefits of sediment upgrading projects


Partners :