Automated measuring device for acquisition, transfer, treatment and management of sewer data.



Project duration 2015-2017

Objective: The objective of this project is to improve our product "Sewermapper" through various technological research and integration of new knowledge to make it a powerful, reliable, operational sewer measuring instrument perfectly adapted to the Walloon and French  markets.

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Underground sewer systems represent an important heritage that requires a lot of effort, particularly in terms of maintenace and management.

Sanitation authorities need operational databases containing all the exact physical and structural information of the sewage systems. 

Currently, these data are collected through underground inventories that requires a large labor force and are hazardous and imprecise


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SIMI-BOT was created to automatically collect and transfer sewerage data. To respond to the constraints created by lack of sewer knowledge, the project partners developed a new version of the Sewermapper, SIMI-BOT, reliable and operationnal by using and integrating the latest technological innovations and developments to improve data collection, processing, data transfert and post-processing technology to enable better visualization and management of sanitation networks. 

 Result of SIMI-BOT :


Simultaneous recording of position, physical measurements of sewers and their structural condition.