Management of Mine Water Discharges



Projet Duration: 2013-2016

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France France Ixsane Ineris

Spain Spain Universidad de Almería
Hulleras Del Norte SA Asociacion Para La Investigación Y Desarrollo Industrial De Recursos Naturales

Poland Poland Glówny Instytut Górnictwa Poludniowy Koncern Weglowy SA

Germany Germany DMT GmbH & Co. KG

United Kingdom United Kingdom The Coal Authority

Greece Greece Centre for Research & Technology, Hellas


Mine Water

Global changes in mining activities led to the closure of many long-operating deep mines in many industrialized countries. The manament of these post operating site set-up some issues especially for the water contamied. In fast this water is filled with various pollutant which are one of the reason of the current water degradation.

The mine water treatment is a basic component of overall mine water management during mine operations and in post-closure period.

The MANAGER Project aims to mitigate environmental risk connected with mine water discharge through innovative and advanced approach combining:

    • Identification of substances with a priority risk of concern based on local conditions, long-term forecast, risk assessment and the Water Framework Directive objectives;
    • Development of innovative, cost-effective and sustainable passive and active treatment technologies taking into consideration the results of field tests (pilot sites) and cost-benefits analysis;

Mine Water

  • Identification of forward-looking technical possibilities of mine water reuse and metals recovery;
  • Development of innovative management approaches to mine water discharge and treatment.

The realisation of pilot schemes in different European countries allows to assess technical and economic feasibilities of analysed technologies, is what will guarantee their application not only for partner countries, but also on EU level.