Development of a Software for Effective and Cautious Management of Urban Rainwater

The potential of alternative technologies in management of rainwater have shown its abilities. The use of these techniques grows, their objective is a better management of rainwaters by means of a management "in the plot of land" to decrease the volumes rejected to the network. However, a lack of confidence persists on the part of the prime contractor for their use particularly due to lack of feedback.

So we need to develop operational tools to design and simulate the operation or the assessment of impacts on global level alternative structures in order to replace current methods, which are either inadequate or too empirical, constituting an obstacle to the development of alternative technologies.

The ambition of COMETA project is to design these tools to provide to the stakeholders a reliable and rational response to their concerns about stormwater management. These tools developed will be based on the datas of existing software on the market-oriented blueprint.

Effective and Cautious Management of Urban Rainwater   Effective and Cautious Management of Urban Rainwater


 Hyétos is born of COMETA, it is a new design software using Polaris (an independant graphic platform). Hyetos is a dimensioning and simulation tool to design alternative technologies to sanitation networks for stormwater management.
It gives :
  • a collaborative platform for decision-making
  • a topography consideration of te site to facilitate the création of an optimal model
  • the creation of sewerage networks
  • anticipation of the impacts of agin structures
  • access to numerous design options
  • ...
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 Hyétos in video :