Research & Innovation


Innovate with our partners and customers to meet the major challenges of our time.

Since its inception, Ixsane is characterized by its ability to innovate in the field of urban and environmental engineering. Ixsane contributes to the advancement of knowledge and the development of practical solutions to major environmental and social issues of our time.

Ixsane is the only company in the Nord-Pas de Calais to combine engineering and R&D in the fields of urban and environment. Ixsane conducts engineering high-level studies, and also sets up collaborative projects with other research units and companies.

Its scope is located in three main areas: Water and Environment, Sustainable Development and Energy, Potentially Contaminated Sites and Soils Management.

Research and Development is one of the pillars of the Ixsane strategy in the field of urban and environmental engineering. Ixsane relies on the multidisciplinary expertise of its employees, engineers, researchers and senior executives recruited from the best schools and universities.

Ixsane team controls several scientific disciplines in their fields of activities and builds on its expertise in innovation and technological research and development to support its customers and partners to setp up innovative projects.

Research and Innovation Direction

The Research and Innovation Department defines and guides the strategy for R&D. Its goal is to be recognized as a national leader in R&D and the interface between academic laboratories and the economic world in the area of urban and environmental engineering.

It supervises:

-Ambitious research projects: R&D projects in partnership within the National framework and European research programs (PTR, FUI, ERDF, Coal, ...), or R&D self-financed projects.

-Technologic transfer programs: contribution to the governance of programs or research organizations. Ixsane brings its support for results transfer operations from private or public R&D centers to SMEs in France and Europe. Technology transfer agreements, technology analysis and identification of transferable parties.

-Technological Monitoring: monitoring process of the evolution of technology in our fields of activity : scientific and technic publications, communication through conferences. Ixsane relies on the involvement of two of its co-founders. One is an international expert for international science newspaper account and the other one is group work member in the field of urban and environmental engineering working alongside the French department of the superior education and research.



Our current R&D projects concern the following priority areas:

A major actor in Research and Innovation

Ixsane has a proven project management expertise in installation of innovative projects, promotion of research in the areas of treatment process and recycling of waste (liquid effluent, sludge or polluted sediments ...).

These core values are at the origin of the strong development of Ixsane since its inception. Ixsane today continues its growth strategy by expanding internationally and investing in long-term Research and Innovation.

Beyond the service provision of research project on behalf of its customers and/or partners, Ixsane co-finances research programs in collaboration with academic and industry partners to develop new technologies and new products in the fields of urban and environmental engineering.

The innovation at the heart of Ixsane's activities

The characteristic of Ixsane is to be in strong interaction with the research community, allowing it to be in the innovation's forefront as illustrate its history and its projects of Research & Innovation. Innovation is at the heart of Ixsane's values.