Networks, Waste water and Rainwaters Diagnosis

Expert in instrumentation and modeling in the urban hydrology field , Ixsane offers its customers an adapted methodology  to each problem encountered  in wastewater system, storm water or sewer system.

Field recognition

  • Networks recognition (flow direction, diameter, material, network status ...)

  • List off manhole and take the water level

  • Inconsistencies identification (gully, undersized pipe ...)

  • Flow analysis on the study area: cutting and watershed characterization, estimating the slope coefficient and waterproofing

  • Plan carried out by computer aided design software

reconnaissance reseau


  • Choosing the location of measurement points in the network

  • Equipment and measurement protocols proposal adapted to water availability and configuration of each site

  • Followed by the measurement campaign

  • Analysis and relevance interpretation of the results


Hydraulic modeling

  • Ixsane use modeling software adapted to simulations considered (with or without downstream influence ...)

  • Analysis of the local rainfall and rain choice simulation

  • Model calibration using the results of the measurement campaign

  • Hydraulic network operation simulation for determined rainfalls

Proposal for solutions

  • Site layout proposals based on  the results from the diagnostic study: network rehabilitation , implementation of a storage pond , alternative techniques for stormwater management ...

  • Detailed presentation of proposed solutions (technical part, location plan, design, advantages / disadvantages ...)

  • Ensures the proper functionning of the site layout developped by modeling


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