Loi sur l'eau Files, Water Treatment Plant, Rainwater

Ixsane conducts "Loi sur l'Eau" cases pursuant  Article R.214-1 of the French Environment constituion for any project. This sheet presents the particular case of treatment plants and facilities that could alter flows and stormwater discharges.

Wastewater treatment plant

Ixsane assists you through the creation or expansion of a wastewater treatment plant, and their compliance with regulatory developments (obtaining or renewal of an order ...).

  • Scaling of the wastewater treatment plant : analysis of needs for current and future urbanization, taking into account the seawage treatment zone to define the collection area

  • Diagnostic study : analysis of the functioning collection system and treatment plant

  • Impact studies of the receiving environment

  • Proposal for processing techniques or compensatory measures tailored to the needs, requirements of the receiving environment, local constraints and regulatory...


Stormwater discharges

Ixsane performs the necessary hydraulic studies for development project likely to affect the flow of rainwater entering through the french nomenclature "Loi sur l’Eau".

  • Analysis of the hydraulic functioning of the area to the initial state, calculation of carrying capacity of the existing network (rejection rate-limited), estimation of potential soil infiltration, acceptability study of the hydraulic medium surface

  • Analysis of projected development impacts on stormwater runoff : estimated additional volumes to be considered in light of increased soil sealing

  • Proposals and design solutions for stormwater management on the planning area: storage, alternative techniques...


Preparation "Loi sur l'Eau" file

Whatever type of project, Ixsane realizes the folder pursant to the "Loi sur l'Eau" french regulations and has all the necessary skills (geologists, hydrogeologists, water engineers, hydrologists, ecologists ...) to achieve an initial state of the study area.Futhermore Ixsane analyzes project impacts on the environment, particularly on water resources. Ixsane also assists project owners in the presentation file from the START and throughout the public inquiry until the outcome of the investigation proceedings.

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