Sanitation Self Supervision, Permanent Diagnosis

Ixsane assists its clients to the establishment of a self-monitoring wastewater collection and water treatment plants in accordance with the decree of June 22nd 2007 relating to the  operation monitoring and effectiveness for the collection devices, transport and wastewater treatment. Ixsane intervenes at different stages, preliminary studies in project management through the support and assistance to the client.

Preliminary studies

  • Analysis of the functioning sanitation system (sewerage network and / or treatment plant) field recognition, Theoretical flow estimation, measurement campaigns, hydraulic modeling ...

  • Synthesis of the regulatory obligation concerning a self-monitoring system

  • Regulatory works identificatiion and prioritization subject to the establisment of a self-monitoring system

  • Facilities proposals and work scheduling to the achievement of a self-monitoring system, taking into account the configuration of each site

Support of business owners


With this accompanying process, Ixsane brings to the client all the technical elements to perform his project. Ixsane engages itself to provide a knowledge and  communication tools adapted to ensure good understanding of the relevant inputs.

The services offered are :

  • Work program definition (prioritization, previsionnal schedule, financial estimate...)

  • Writing the CCTP ("Cahier des Clauses Techniques Particulières" : Special Technical specifications) in order to set up the self-monitoring system

  • Achievement of regulatory studies(Water and auqatic environments french legislation)

  • Assists the client with the monitoring procedures, project presentation to the competent authorities...

Project management

  • Definition of the measurement chain, procedures to transmit data to the central station...

  • Writing of the DCE, support for the consultation and selection of contractors

  • Visa, work monitoring, assistance during receipt operations...

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