Sediments Management

Ixsane achieves for its customers all the studies needed to conduct a dredging operation starting the organizational  preparatory phase to the environmental monitoring by going throgh  the operation monitoring  itself.


Environmental Study

Preliminary study on the dredging operation

  • Development of bathymetric profiles,assessment of sediments volume and their distribution

  • Physico-chemical characterization of sediments: production campaigns sediment samples and interpretation of test results

  • Plan of filing land : Diagnosis of existing fields and identification of new storage sites

Environmental monitoring after the dredging operation

  • Establishing a groundwater quality monitoring network and quaterly or biannual monitoring campaign realization

  • Monitoring the infrastructure sustainability of the storage site


Feasibility study

  • Proposal of technical choices to implement the dredging methode and the mode of transport

  • Find ways to valorize the dredging sediments : Study of appropriate dredging sediment management scheme on the basis of their quality, classe, or the socio-economic context.

  • Sizing studies for the storage site (dike, side slope, drainage, etc..), likewise for the annex facilities (settling pond, ditch, drainage, piezometric network, etc..)


Regulatory Study

  • Analysis of administrative and regulatory procedures to be implemented as part of a sediment management project

  • Realization of the declaration or authorization studies of the water and aquatic environments legislation

  • Environmental impact studies related to the dredging operation


Support of business owners

  • Writing specifications for dredging companies and assistance during the consultation procedure

  • Monitoring the proper conduct of the dredging operations according to the specifications defined. Also monitoring the compliance with environmental, hygiene and safety rules

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