Water Ressource Assessment, Protection and Exploitation

In order to protect and make a sustainable management of the water resources, Ixsane assists industries and communities in the realization of specific studies on concerning problems related to the transfer of pollutants towards the non-saturated and saturated zones, to the evaluation and the exploitation of water resource, or in the demarcation of the protection perimeter and finally in the realization of the hydrodynalucs tests.

To bring all studies to a successful conclusion Ixsane dispose of the most widely used internationl modeling tools in this field.

Research and evaluation of water ressources

  • Hydrogeological study

  • Water drilling feasibility study

  • Implementation and interpretation of pumping tests and permeability test

  • Delimitation of hydrological watershed
  • Hydrological watershed evolution : water balance, inflow, outflow, infiltration rate, runoff rate...


Hydrodispersive and hydrodynamic modeling of pollutants in soils and groundwater

  • Preliminary analysis, choice of a resolving strategy

  • Inventory, acquisition, processing and validating field data

  • Implementation of the hydrodynamic model and hydrodispersif: extension, mesh, boundary conditions, adjusting the model

  • Hydrodynamic and hydrodispersive simulation

  • Prediction of the pollution plume extension and accomplishment

Flow modeling and dispersion of pollutants in surface waters

  • Knowledge of hydrodynamic phenomena of the environment

  • Watershed flow modeling

  • Model definition

  • Simulation and numerical prediction of the spatiotemporal evolution of a pollution source

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