Pollution Diagnosis

Ixsane's missions in pollution diagnosis are carried out according to the circular of february 8th, 2007 relative to polluted sites and grounds - terms of management and reorganization of the polluted sites edited by Minisitry in charge of the environment.

Ixsane has approved partners to bring all studies to a successful conclusion  : chemical analysis laboratory, geotechnics and cleanup companies, instrumentation companies.

In terms of security, Ixsane respects the NF standard ISO10381-3 as well as the recommandations of the ADEME methodological guide :"Hygiène et Sécurité sur les chantiers de réhabilitation de sites pollués".

Site visit(A100) and historic study(A110)

Diagnostic pollution

  • Identification of the activities and practices which would have lad to pollution

  • Identification of the nature and amount of pollutants

  • Becoming aware of the operator's of environmental management practices

Study of the environment vulnerability(A120)

Ixsane achieves for the grounds, groundwater, surface water, and air the following services :

  • Characterization of th possible migratory routes of pollutants

  • Characterization of the exposure environment  and transfer

  • Inventory of existing works activities and their inventories

Establishment of the conceptual diagram

Diagnostic pollution

Ixsane elaborates the conceptual diagram, consisting of a graphic representation which specifies the relations between : the sources of pollution, the different sources of transfer and the issues to protect.

Initial diagnosis and detailed Diagnosis

  • Definition and implementation of the investigations program for grounds, groundwaters, superficial waters and ground's air

  • Definition of the analytical program and application with our approved partners

  • Interpretation and presentation of the results (realization of iso-concentrations maps...)


Project Management Assistance

  • Writing the technical specifications and pollutat specialized company consultation
  • Organization, investment evaluation and control of the rehabilitation operation
  • Optimization, controls and validation of the construction work


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