The origin of Ixsane: the collaboration of 3  engineering doctor researchers

Created in 2008, Ixsane is supported by three doctors engineering researchers, from three fields of expertise: civil engineering, urban and mechanical engineering. Their courses, although they are different, remain connected to technological and scientific innovation.

This scientific culture, these common values and their desire to work on leading-edge fields and the complementarity of their work experiences represent a strength for Ixsane. Their profiles guarantee to the project a solid anchoring in two often separated environments : economic and research. The first partner brings, thanks to his experience in engineering company, a knowledge of the market and how to handle it.

The second partner, due to his university experience, has created a strong network in European laboratories, in MEDDTL (Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Accommodation Department) as well as in some competitiveness clusters. He brings to Ixsane a function of scientific and technological monitoring and the possibility of joining national or European research projects.

The third partner brings his entrepreneur skills. His experience of company management will allow Ixsane to capitalize its know-how.


The location of Ixsane illustrates the association of economy and research


The location of Ixsane underlines the association between economic and research. Ixsane joined on January 2009 the business incubator CIEL, competitiveness cluster of "Réseau des Ruches d’Entreprises du Nord" approved by the European Center of Business and Innovation. The business incubator Ciel is located at the heart of Haute Borne Science Park in Villeneuve d’Ascq, dedicated to companies in connection with research.

Haute Borne Ruches d'Entreprises