Associations and competitiveness clusters

Active in trade unions, associations and competitiveness pole. Ixsane is especially member of:


Union of the Consultants and Environmental engineers. UCIE, association aims to boost and promote in a continuous way engineers, technicians, experts, trainers and consultants network, in all professional activities areas related to environment. Caracterization and optimized management of polluted sites, following by all medias potentially impacted by the different human activities (air, water, sediments, plants) to put the best effort in perspective of sustainable development and continous improvement of our quality of life.


Creation Developpement Eco-Enterprises Association : 

The mission of the association is to support the eco-company development, projects holder and researches and territories center. It federates actors, promotes networking, productives exchanges and stimulate innovative initiatives and sustainable partnerships.



 Urban development French Association

The association aim is to facilitate the cooperation and the  informations sharing, experiences exchanges between all the urban development actors, local authorities as in public or private organizations.


cd2e team 2013

Environment technologies implemented to substances and materials : 

Team² is dedicated to recycling technologies, waste recovery and materials recyclability. The first purpose of Team² is to help businesses to realize their innovatives projects and make new projects emerge. To realize these projects, Team² mobilizes specialists and scientists team.


le-pole-maud-devient-matikem imageactu

National competitiveness cluster dedicated to materials, chemistry and green chemistry. The pole mission is to facilitate and accelerate the emergence of new R&D project and support the setting of collaborative innovation projects, until obtaining the funding and marketing of news products or services.


ADV logo

Competitiveness cluster for the sustainables cities and urban eco-technologies in France. The pole mission is to enable businesses, highec education, and research and local authorities to cooperate and set up collaborative projects to develop marketable products or services in medium term, generating economic activity and job creations.


Contactless Technology Innovation Center. The CICT is a key player in the Internet of Objects and Ambient Intelligence. It supports the use of contactless technologies and the Internet of Objects, the emergence of innovative and standardized solutions, and new high-potential activities development .


"French Tech" refers to all those who work in or for French start-ups in France or abroad. Entrepreneurs in the first place, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, major groups, associations, media, public operators, research institutes ... who are committed to the growth of start-ups on the one hand and their international influence on the other hand.